To rank a website on today’s search engine platforms could be super costly and extremely competitive for businesses. Specially for small and medium size businesses because they cannot compete with nationwide corporations, who have big budgets to spend in order to rank higher.
At Riazor, we help businesses to organically rank by using the latest SEO strategies developed by our team. With our strategies we have been able to organically rank over thirty different industry sites just by focusing on our “On-page” and “Off-page” SEO strategies.

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According to Rank Ranger, ads appear on 51.61% of page one SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). On average 3-4 ads per page are shown in every result page.

And rest are the results of Search engine optimization, which do not go away easily.

According to reports CTR rates of the SERP position are:

1st position: 364%

2nd position: 12.5%

3rd position: 9.5%

4th position: 7.9%

5th position: 6.1%

6th position: 4.1%

7th position: 3.8%

8th position: 3.5%

9th position: 3.0%

10th position: 2.2%