How to submit site to search console & add Google analytics tracking code


In this blog we are going to show how to submit website to Search console, Bing webmaster & we will also look into Google analytics. Why we should submit our site?

Submitting website and sitemap to search engines helps to read and understand website in better way. Search engines are pretty good for detecting the new pages and sites but submitting website to search engine makes it faster. Here we will explain the steps to submit your site to google search console.

How to submit website and Sitemap to google search console?

We will learn to add site in search console & bing web master with same Google analytics code. You can verify your website in search console & bing webmaster with same google analytics code.

Step 1: Install Insert Header Footer Plugin & yoast SEO plugin


Step 2: Go to Analytics

1. goto: and goto admin section


2. Click on create property

3. Select web and click continue


4. Enter your domain name & category and hit create.


5. Select the tracking code and goto the site wp-admin


Step 3: Go to setting > Insert Header Footer and add the verification code

Paste the tracking code in the header section.


Step 4: Go Search Console

1. Go to –
2. Click on Add Property


Step 5: Add domain name

Add domain name in url prefix because it supports multiple method of verification.


Step 6: Select Google Analytics as verification

Choose google analytics as verification methods for easy, fast & automatic verification


Step7: Go to Sitemap and submit

Make sure you install yoast SEO plugin and submit sitemap as: sitemap_index.xml


That’s it, you are ready to rock. Now your site will be crawled efficiently by google search engine and you are also able to get traffic analysis from the google analytics. You can submit your website similarly to bing webmaster.

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