Website Cost In Tampa in 2024 – How to make it free?

website cost in Tampa 2024 - free website using WordPress and Woo Commerce

In 2024, the website/web app Cost in Tampa starts at 300$ but you can do it free with some basic skills of WordPress & Woocommerce that get the job done. You can boost your restaurant orders, get more sales, drive more traffic, get more organic customers, and buyers, and much more with the power of Website / Web app & SEO, from the same business that you own offline. Taking your business online is a crucial part, especially from 2024, you already know why.

People can give orders online stay at home and pay with their cards or use any other payment processor like Paypal and they can receive their food right in front of their doors. At riazorsolutions we can provide all kinds of online services you need to run your restaurant online. We do everything from designing to making it live and also provide support & SEO services to rank your website higher than your competitors. We help you to stay at the top to boost your online presence and business. If you need any support to build your website or even manage or repair your existing website talk with us. We do our best to support your business at the most affordable rates.

How to make your business website for free with WooCommerce and WordPress?


Here are some necessary steps to make your site live. We tried to make it as simple as possible.

Step 1: Buy the domain name

You need your domain to make your business online. Don’t ever use free domain extensions.


We recommend using the .com domain extension to make it more trustable and easy to find. According to the searchmetrics reports, 75% of all websites in the US have a .com extension. It’s what people assume your website will end with, even when it is not using this extension. So, don’t be too creative with the domain name, keep it memorable with the .com extension.

Step 2: Buy a good hosting

We use Amazon web services (AWS) for amazing website speed, more control over the security and services, and saleable and cost-effective. It also gives a free tier option for a year to get started. The free tier is good enough to handle the 100s of users at a time. But for your ease, you can use other hosting like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hostinger, or any other hosting company with a good reputation. You can use managed WordPress hosting for easier management.

Step 3: Connect Hosting and install WordPress in your hosting

If you don’t buy WordPress-managed hosting services, you are also able to install WordPress in your hosting yourself. First, connect your domain and hosting (Need Help? Contact us) then download the latest wordpress zip file from: and upload it to your root folder usually inside public_html, and extract the file there.

If your hosting supports the script installation feature then you can easily install WordPress with one click. After installation log in to your wp-admin from the

Step 3: Install the SSL Certificate and Necessary Themes and plugins

If you are willing to spend more on security and advanced encryption, then you can purchase certificates but some sites provide free SSL certificates to your site, which is good enough to make it more trustworthy.

Here are some of the sites where you can purchase SSL:


But you can get free SSL from for a lifetime. The downside of using free SSL are many but it’s good to have one rather than not having SSL. Click here to read how to install a free SSL certificate manually in Cpanel. If you need any help, Contact us.

After installing an SSL certificate on your WordPress website, you need some important plugins to keep your website safe, fast & beautiful. But before you should choose a theme. Click here to get the best free WordPress themes for business. Then install the necessary/important plugins for your WordPress website. Click here to learn the important plugins you need for your WordPress website.

Step 4: Build a good design for business website

For good design in WordPress, I recommend using Elementor page builder. There are lots of customization that can be added using Elementor. You can import a demo you like and then customize it later. This approach of your Website Cost In Tampa will be reduced.

Step 5: Register your site to Search Console, Bing Webmaster & Google Analytics

This is an important step to keep track of your website performance and to keep an eye on the user’s behavior and interest. These tools will give an idea of how users are finding your website, your website position, and keyword details.
Click here to read: How to Register Site to Search Console, Bing Webmaster & Google Analytics

Step 6: SEO and Marketing

This is the most important part of boosting organic and paid traffic to the website, which can increase your sales & orders. Without marketing all the previous 5 steps are worthless. Your website/business remains unseen and lost somewhere on the internet.

That’s why you may need us to help you. At riazorsolutions we do on-page & offpage optimizations with paid advertisements. We can promote your business by bringing the targeted audience to your website.

However, if you want to make a good site contact us now Website Cost In Tampa

Small Business

This package is optimized for those businesses that have less competition and are small in the market. We provide very affordable rates to grow your small or family-run business.

Medium Business

This package is for medium businesses that have fair competition and growing in the market. We will provide a dedicated person to handle your business online. Be with us forget everything.

Large Business

This package is for large businesses that have high competition in the market. We will provide a dedicated team to handle your business online. Be with us to grow more.

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